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Look how my oven shines: I clean it just like that and without any effort!

Look how my oven shines: I clean it like this, effortlessly!

Among the appliances that we use the most and which are most important in a home are undoubtedly the oven. In many cases, this is essential for preparing all kinds of dishes, perhaps avoiding frying or cooking in large quantities. But what’s worse than a crispy oven? Little or nothing. That’s why we’ve decided to give you some tips on how to clean your oven and get a unique result!

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Caked oven: here’s the solution
Perhaps among the household appliances, or in any case the objects present in the kitchen, the oven is one of the most difficult to clean. Fortunately, this is a cleaning task that is not necessary every day, as is perhaps the case with crockery. It goes without saying that when we find ourselves cleaning the oven, it is best to try to do a very thorough cleaning. If we have cooked something in particular, which has perhaps ‘dripped’ onto the oven surfaces or splashed onto the side surfaces, then we are dealing with a caked oven. In this case, here are the remedies we can resort to! These are homemade, inexpensive and super-effective methods. By the way, it goes without saying that there are several specific products on the market for oven surfaces. We are talking about products that you can buy in any household goods shop or supermarket.

Cleaning the oven with baking soda.
The first method involves the use of baking soda. This is a product that is particularly well known for its many peculiarities. In this case it will be necessary to first dissolve it in a container with water: we can think of a spoonful for every litre or litre and a half of water. We introduce a sponge into the container and start washing the oven surfaces. This will sterilise and dissolve the various encrustations, and the oven will be very clean! Alternatively, you can think about using fine salt.

Cleaning with vinegar and water.
The other method, which is also particularly effective and very easy to implement, is based on the combined use of water and vinegar. In this case we must take a pot full of water, let it boil on the fire and then add a glass of white vinegar. At this point, we heat the oven to 180° C and leave the mould in it for an hour. The vinegar will evaporate and attack the walls of the oven, degreasing them. At the end of the procedure, clean everything with a sponge.

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