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Salt in the mop, a spoonful is enough, my grandmother always used to do it, and what a result!

There is a really ingenious and very useful trick for deep cleaning the utensil we use to wash our floors: we are talking about salt in the mop. This is a really surprising technique, let’s take a look at it in detail!

Salt in the mop: why use it?
Not infrequently, when using mops for various cleaning tasks around the house, we forget to sanitise them. This is a major mistake, as you could have the opposite effect and make your home even dirtier.

The activity of using salt in the mop falls precisely in this context. This is an operation that allows you to eliminate germs and bacteria from the mop: yes, because if on the one hand the mop is very useful and convenient, it can also be a mass of bacteria and germs if it is not regularly sanitised.

Salt in the mop: how to use it
But how to use salt in the mop? First of all, never leave the mop in the bucket with dirty water: this will lead to a host of germs and bacteria, as well as an unbearable smell.

Some people clean with bleach, others with baking soda, but our advice is to use salt instead. This inexpensive and very practical remedy seems almost miraculous. Simply use a tablespoon of salt in the mop, add about a litre of water to the bucket and then let it sit for an hour.

Coarse salt has been used for centuries to sterilise surfaces and objects. It is actually the combination of salt and water that creates an osmotic action that kills bacteria in the blink of an eye.

Salt is certainly a very economical and practical solution for cleaning the mop.

Other remedies
To clean the mop, as we have already mentioned, there are other remedies. For example, some people also pour the juice of a couple of lemons in addition to the salt, then soak the rags and the whole mop for a couple of hours.

Others find it useful to take advantage of the action of baking soda, combined with salt; while there are even those who use infusions and oils such as tea tree oil. It is a particular solution that has antibacterial properties and manages to eliminate unpleasant odours in a short time. Simply proceed in the same way, pouring the solution into the bucket and leaving everything to soak for at least an hour.

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