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No vinegar this time: to thoroughly clean your washing machine, all you need is a natural and inexpensive product

No vinegar this time: all you need to thoroughly clean your washing machine is a natural, inexpensive product.

Cleaning washing machine nozzles

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At a time when saving money is the watchword, you’ll have learnt that the first thing you need to pay attention to is, without doubt, how your household appliances work. You have to look at things you wouldn’t have paid attention to before. Take the energy class, for example: if you’re about to buy a new appliance, you should definitely pay attention to it. The higher the energy class, the more they will tend to consume less: compared with a higher initial investment (these basic costs are more expensive), you will have a saving in the medium and long term.

Another thing to bear in mind is the maintenance of household appliances: to avoid waste, they need to work at optimum efficiency. As you know, cleaning also falls within the scope of maintenance.

No vinegar this time, here’s what you need to clean your washing machine properly
Washing machine maintenance tips
If you’re not sure how cleaning affects maintenance, just think about this: if dirt builds up inside filters or the like, the appliance will stop working, with great damage to everyone. It’s always best to be punctual when cleaning: this applies to one appliance in particular, namely the washing machine. Especially as we use it a lot and it’s used for cleaning, it needs to be clean too.

Often, however, on the wave of careless advice, we end up cleaning it badly. How many times have we used vinegar or lemon, deluding ourselves that it was an excellent way to clean? Wrong: there’s only one natural ingredient for cleaning everything in the best possible way, and that’s bicarbonate of soda.

Baking soda is used in many contexts precisely because of its excellent properties, which we can only benefit from. Baking soda can be used effectively and without a shadow of a doubt to clean the whole washing machine: both to make empty washes so that the whole drum is cleaned, and for the rest: the stains you see on the window will disappear, and don’t forget the drawer where you usually put the washing powder!

In short, with just one ingredient, you can make your washing machine shine. In doing so, you’ll also be fighting another sworn enemy: limescale, the terror of the appliance.

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