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Say goodbye to dirt on terracotta floors with this super-powerful mix

Say goodbye to dirt on terracotta floors with this super-powerful mixture. You won’t believe it, but it works perfectly!

Cleaning terracotta

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Housekeeping is an important part of everyday life. No corner of the house can or should be left untended. The first reason is that it’s certainly annoying to live in a dirty environment, but there are other aspects that can’t be overlooked. For example, the fact that living in a dirty environment also means creating problems for your immune system. In short, cleanliness should not be neglected.

Even if you have a garden, you still need to clean it up. The problem with outdoor materials is that they often require different treatment. They are often more fragile and tend to stain more. One of the most commonly used outdoor materials is certainly terracotta: terracotta gives a vintage, delicate area that we love so much. But who has any idea how to clean terracotta?

How to clean a terracotta floor: the explosive mix
How to clean terracotta
As it’s an extremely special material, there’s a risk of damaging it – which would be a real shame!

One thing that may seem strange to you but is strictly worth considering is this: terracotta doesn’t have to be new to be washed. What does this mean? Basically, it has to be laid for at least three months. That’s the only way to be sure we won’t affect it. Secondly, wipe the cloth over the floor, removing dust and residue. At this point, we can begin the actual washing phase: let’s create a special, eco-friendly and intelligent detergent for the occasion. It’s the union of these two ingredients: dishwashing soap, a drop and white vinegar. To do this, we use very hot water.

Another word of caution: terracotta is a very porous material, so it tends to absorb moisture and water. We therefore recommend that you avoid leaving your floor wet for too long, and try to dry it completely as much as possible.

If you notice particularly stubborn stains, use Marseille soap or bicarbonate of soda. Keep your eyes peeled for acid stains, which are likely not only to soil but also to leave a permanent mark on the floor.

In short, from now on we’ll have no more doubts.

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