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Put a branch in the freezer, get rid of a big problem in the house: it is very common

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In this article we will try to explain the meaning of a gesture apparently considered very strange. Let’s find out why it might be important to insert a branch inside your freezer. Here are all the details.

branch in the freezer
All of us have a refrigerator at home. It can be divided into various compartments. One of these refers to the freezer . In this compartment it will be possible to insert and freeze many foods. Freezing food is a widely used preservation technique.

Some foods, in fact, will keep best for several months, so that they can be enjoyed at any time, as long as they are defrosted properly.

In this article, however, we do not want to carry out an examination of the freezer, how it works and which foods can best be frozen. Instead, we want to talk about a seemingly truly singular topic.

In fact, many people put a branch or many wooden elements inside the freezer . For what purpose? Below, we will try to clearly shed light on this unusual move being implemented by more and more people. Here’s everything you need to know about it. The motivation will truly blow your mind. Let’s find out every detail on this topic .

Branch in the freezer: this is what this gesture can be used for
Many people have furniture at home made of furniture, tables or other wooden elements . Furthermore, those who own a garden usually accumulate branches and other firewood to be able to warm up during the colder months of the year, with a special stove or fireplace.

Wood, however, has an unpleasant characteristic . In fact, it can often be attacked by woodworms . These insects are the terror of those who own a house furnished with wooden furniture. They feed on the wood pulp, making holes in these elements and damaging the furniture in the house in a more or less serious way.

Woodworms can also attack parquet floors, as well as wooden furniture and tables. These insects are very small, but they can lay their eggs inside the wood, so as to give birth to new larvae. The action of these insects can cause large holes and a lot of dust to emerge in the wood over time .

As mentioned, they feed on the pulp of the wood and leave traces of their action and their passage through the creation of real tunnels. Something that we all absolutely need to avoid.

Some chemicals, such as mothballs , can discourage the arrival of moths. The most natural ways to fight moths, however, can be the inclusion of some perfumes and herbs in the furniture, such as cloves , dried lavender and cinnamon .

In this article, however, we will help you discover why it might be useful to put a branch or other wood in the freezer . Here’s everything you need to know about this unusual move.

Woodworms in wood: here is the method to protect furniture from this problem
How do woodworms creep into wooden furniture at home ? These insects make their entry through certain channels. The most common is the one that refers to the accumulation of wood in the garden , to be used for heating in the winter months. Even a strong presence of humidity in the house can favor the arrival of woodworms. Let’s discover a particular method to combat the arrival of woodworms.

An important method to implement is to ventilate the home often, in order to remove humidity from the rooms as much as possible. However, there is also a solution that is not exactly known to everyone. We are referring to placing some pieces of wood in the freezer .

If you have a lot of wood in the garden, you can occasionally place several branches in a secondary freezer in the house. The presence of the cold will defeat the woodworms , which will not find a way to proliferate. The branch will need to be placed in the freezer for at least 24 hours.

A rudimentary solution to protect your home from the arrival of these annoying and problematic insects. In fact, woodworms are very afraid of low temperatures. If you have time to dedicate to this preventive move , absolutely put it into practice.

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