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How to remove all dirt under the washing machine and refrigerator, the makeup of the rag

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How to remove all the dirt under the washing machine and refrigerator: by reading this article you may know the rag trick that can come in handy. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Rag behind the washing machine
A highly effective home remedy, to be able to perfectly clean hidden places such as those under certain appliances: the refrigerator and the washing machine. Finally, thanks to this trick, you will be able to clean even those parts of the house that are usually difficult to reach. Such as the spaces under appliances. How to do? To find out, read below the advice we give you for eliminating dirt under the washing machine and refrigerator.

Dirt under the washing machine and refrigerator: an infallible trick to eliminate it
As mentioned above, we will talk specifically about a trick that will be useful for cleaning the house . At home, we are always looking for new ways to carry out certain household cleaning in an even more effective way than what is usually used.

Household cleaning
Often when cleaning the house, even the most thorough ones, we forget about those spaces that need a wash. Places in the house that are somewhat hidden but which should not be overlooked, given that the dirt finds its way there.

A concrete example is related to furniture, which must also be dusted in specific points such as the front area or the flooring .

There are areas of the house that are often overlooked, but which instead need to be refurbished by cleaning them with very simple and at the same time valid methodologies.

Subsequently you will discover how to clean the dirt that accumulates under the fridge, washing machine and dishwasher . A job that can be done using tricks that will make it less tiring, avoiding having to move household appliances.

The steps to perform with the use of the rag
The following procedure is especially applicable for those who have risers under their appliances . Are the latter placed directly on the ground and therefore there is little or no space underneath? Then in this case you will have to move the machinery a bit .

The first step to perform is to remove the dust using a piece of cloth that easily captures dust .

Remove dirt under the washing machine and refrigerator
Remove dirt under the washing machine and refrigerator –
By folding it well, you can pass it underneath your appliances without any difficulty. You don’t always have this type of cloth available at home, but in this circumstance you can create a dust-catching cloth yourself.

All you need to do is use old tights or an old terry sock , applying it to the broom with the help of an elastic band.

With this practical and very simple method, you will be able to make all the annoying dust disappear which, among other things, can also cause annoying allergy attacks.

A method to use for washing
In these cases it is always better to lean towards ecological and at the same time convenient methodologies .

Speaking of household appliances, before continuing it is essential to unplug them. To carry out washing operations in these cases, you must not exaggerate with the quantity of water , because it could compromise the functionality of certain electrical connections.

A natural ingredient much appreciated and used by many housewives is certainly vinegar , which is also very useful for eliminating dirt hidden under furniture or under your appliances .

All you need to do is soak a microfiber cloth in a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar . Then wring out the cloth, leaving it a little damp, then placing the cloth on a squeegee as it is thinner than the broom.

It follows that it will be much easier to introduce it into these small hidden spaces. Then carry out several passes until, when you squeeze the cloth, you see it clean. A method that cannot be used, however, if the floor of the house is made of marble or natural stone.

Other natural tricks to remove dirt under the washing machine and refrigerator
Lemon juice is another wonderful ingredient for cleaning the spaces under the fridge and washing machine very well.

A procedure similar to the previous one, except that instead of vinegar you will have to use the filtered juice of a lemon. The quantity may vary based on the degree of intensity of the fragrance you prefer. Even in this case you will not be able to use this method if the floor is made of marble or natural stone.

The space under appliances can also be cleaned using bicarbonate of soda .

The latter is one of the best natural methods used at home for the most effective cleaning. An ingredient that is used not only to thoroughly clean the interior spaces of the house, but also to eliminate the most unpleasant odors .

To use it you will have to dilute a couple of tablespoons of bicarbonate in 500 ml of water . At this point you can do the same process using the patch. This last method can also be used, unlike the previous ones, on marble, wood and natural stone floors. It’s important to try these tricks in hidden corners first to ensure you don’t cause stains on the floor.

A final precaution not to be forgotten is the one previously mentioned, namely unplugging household appliances , to carry out work in complete safety and without any type of problem.

Concluding reflections
If you have reached this point you will have understood that there are methods for carrying out thorough cleaning , especially when it comes to specific aspects that we have taken into consideration.

In fact, we have talked about methods that will be useful for getting rid of dust under the refrigerator or under the washing machine and more.

We have also highlighted other tricks to be able to best wash the floor if, for example, it is made of marble or natural stone. Here all the ingredients presented, which we can also easily find in our homes, can become our accomplices. So why not use them?

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