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How to remove dust and dirt from the dish drainer: the method used by restaurants

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Is it possible to permanently eliminate dust and dirt from the dish drainer? Restaurants have always used this method.

dish drainer
The dish drainer is an indispensable tool present in all kitchens. When you wash glasses, plates and cutlery by hand, let them dry directly while draining in the designated space. More often than not, this object is not cleaned in the best way. Limescale is allowed to continue to form, dirt takes up space between the various corners and dust accumulates day after day. How to remove dirt from the dish drainer? In restaurants they apply a natural, fast and unique method.

How to remove dirt from the dish drainer: the revolutionary method
That’s right, the dish drainer accumulates dirt and dust day after day. In fact, it should be cleaned before leaving the dishes to dry – sanitizing it – and immediately afterwards to eliminate encrustations and limescale.

Italian restaurateurs have found a natural method that helps them achieve their goal, divulging this secret to everyone. It seems that only one ingredient is needed, present in all homes: sodium bicarbonate.

Sodium bicarbonate
Add a spoonful of product to the water , mixing until you obtain a homogeneous and semi-abrasive paste. Immediately afterwards, go over the structure with the help of a sponge, rinse and dry completely.

Natural anti-dust and dirt remedies
There are also other natural remedies that can be used to eliminate that dirt accumulated on the dish drainer. Among grandmother’s tricks, yellow soap stands out , usually used in the washing machine. In reality, there are a thousand different uses that can be made available for home cleaning. Take a ball of soap and then let it adhere to the sponge, rubbing the entire structure. Rinse and remove all residues, drying with a soft cloth.

White wine vinegar is also included, a rich element for cooking and cleaning. Its antibacterial and sanitizing action is ideal in this specific case. Pour the product over the sponge and then rub it in the areas affected by limescale. Leave to act for 10 minutes and then rinse completely with a wrung out cloth.

Natural cleaning remedy
Marseille soap is also an excellent ally for cleaning the house, with a delicious scent that embraces all domestic environments. In this case , just add some flakes to a bucket of boiling water and let them dissolve. Immediately afterwards immerse the sponge and then wash the structure thoroughly. To further enhance its action, add half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate.

Lemon juice could not be missing , which has the same cleaning and sanitizing properties as white wine vinegar. The contained acidity dissolves dirt and limescale, also giving a delicious scent to the whole house. Squeeze 1 white lemon and then filter the juice, using it pure with a sponge. As always, rinse and then dry.

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