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A roll of scotex is enough to make home taps shine again: shiny

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With just one roll of household paper you will be able to get very shiny home taps again: in a single gesture.

Dirty tap
How to remove encrusted limescale ? To have your home taps shiny and like new, all you need is a single roll of household paper and some completely natural ingredients. The cleaning experts wanted to experiment with this innovation and spread the knowledge to all those who want to eliminate dirt and limescale from steel taps. A quick and easy action to put into practice: but how to do it? Let’s discover all the necessary procedure together .

Highly shiny home taps: the home paper method
To have very shiny home taps, we use an ancient method, that of grandmothers. The experts thought of taking it back and, in some way, strengthening it so that the classic steel full of limestone could become like it once was. What is needed? The classic sheet of household absorbent paper, some white wine vinegar and cling film.

The sheet of household paper is soaked directly in the vinegar , then it must be applied over the tap, paying particular attention to the limescale stains. After it has adhered well, position it to cover the surface.

Take another sheet of absorbent paper and place it on top, with some transparent film to fix everything. Leave to act overnight.

The next morning, remove the film and the paper soaked in vinegar. Use a toothbrush and scrub until all limescale residues have been eliminated. Rinse completely and then dry so that no traces of water remain.

Home paper roll
White wine vinegar is the ideal product for removing limescale, thanks to its anti-limescale and descaling action. Use this method only on steel taps and not on other materials, because they could be damaged.

Limestone of taps: alternative methods
There are also other methods to apply directly to the sink full of limescale . Lemon, for example, remains one of the best ingredients to consider for its direct whitening action. It thoroughly eliminates limescale and restores absolute brilliance to the tap. To achieve this action, rub a slice of lemon on the stain and leave to act for about 15 minutes. Immediately afterwards dry with a soft cotton cloth.

Highly polished home tap method
Citric acid is also an ingredient to use in this case, completely ecological. In addition to not polluting, this ingredient must be dissolved in a liter of hot water (150 grams of product). Mix and pour into a spray bottle, then spray directly on the limescale stains. Leave to act for 10 minutes, remove and dry completely.

There are many methods for eliminating limescale and can be found directly in the kitchen. Better to apply these natural ones, so as to preserve the environment while the limescale stains are removed once and for all.

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