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Here’s the plumbers’ trick to save money at the end of the month: brilliant

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It’s a brilliant method that plumbers teach to save money at the end of the month: what is it?

Holes on a plastic container
How to save money at the end of the month? Even if it seems incredible, with this method invented by expert plumbers you can obtain a perfect home accessory. There are many videos found on the web and they show how to make this simple accessory. Looking at it, it might seem like something useless, yet once assembled it will help so you never have to call the plumber again.

Method to save money at the end of the month
It is a method suggested by plumbers and which has gone viral on the web. In some videos you can see how a homemade accessory, with a few simple steps, can definitively say goodbye to emergency calls for the plumber. Shall we clarify?

What is needed is the following:

1 plastic water bottle;
1 awl;
1 strong thread.
The first thing to do is take the plastic bottle and cut it in half , keeping only the part underneath. Immediately afterwards you take the awl and heat it, to create many small holes along the plastic surface. Add the two resistant threads, creating a sort of basket with holes.

What is it for?

Method to save money at the end of the month
It is applied directly to the kitchen sink and then used to drain and clean the dishes, before even washing them. What does it mean? An accessory of this type collects food debris left on the plate or pan, the very ones that usually end up in drain pipes and clog them.

Plumbers urge everyone to clean everything thoroughly and not let residual food pieces go down the drain. In the absence of other technological accessories, this DIY helps resolve an age-old situation. Obviously, the contents will have to be disposed of using the waste container, the bottle in the plastic and then the thread in the undifferentiated waste.

When do sink pipes get clogged?
It is important to use an accessory of this type , precisely because clogging the sink pipes means having to call the plumber. Saving money at the end of the month is important, in a historical context like this current one.

Plumbing trick
The major causes of clogging are certainly carelessness and lack of attention, combined with haste. When washing dishes and pans, leftover bits of food are often dumped into the sink. This leads, over time, to a blockage of the pipes until the water can no longer flow out . It emerges as stagnation, as does the bad smell.

At that moment nothing can be done except call the plumber before the situation becomes unmanageable. Isn’t it good to be careful and save some money? The above method helps you not to forget to remove any kind of food debris before washing the dishes.

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