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Sheets, how not to make them lumpy in the washing machine: the secret of laundries

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A huge multitude of clothes and other items, such as sheets, can be washed in the washing machine. In this article we will show you how to wash these last elements in the best possible way, without them being subject to too many tangles.

Sheets refer to bed linen, that is to say some elements that we usually use to avoid having our body rest directly on the mattress . On the market, there are sheets of different colors and materials. The ones most used and preferred by people are cotton and linen blend sheets . During the cold months, then, many choose cotton flannel sheets .

To sleep in an always clean bed, it will be important to change the sheets every 7-10 days . In summer, then, you sweat more and these elements can run the risk of getting dirtier and more often. In winter, however, it can even exceed 10 days. It will be important, however, never to exceed two weeks with the same sheets.

When changing, used sheets must be washed . All of us have a washing machine at home. You can use this practical appliance to proceed with the optimal washing of these elements of bed linen.

In this article we will help you discover how to best wash sheets in the washing machine , so that they never get balled up and tangled during this delicate operation. Let’s find out all the details together.

Cleaning sheets in the washing machine: here’s the best trick
The washing techniques of the various garments inside the washing machine may vary based on the specific garment, the material and other peculiar characteristics. The sheets , the subject of our article, require different treatment than other items. How to avoid annoying tangles and knots during washing ? Here are all the details about it.

Do the laundry
Depending on the material and color, sheets should be washed at different temperatures . The white linen or cotton ones, for example, can also be washed at 60°, while the colored ones need a temperature never higher than 40° to avoid ruining them.

White sheets, therefore, should always be separated from colored ones, since they require different washing programs and temperatures.

Sheets and many other similar cloths, then, can run the risk of balling up and getting tangled during washing. A less than ideal aspect from an aesthetic and practical point of view. In addition to giving the sensation of being creased, in fact, the sheets may not be sanitized as well as possible precisely because of these formations.

To avoid annoying wrinkling, therefore, it will be advisable to insert only the sheets into the basket , avoiding mixing these items with other items of clothing or other linen. All items, as mentioned, require different wash programs. Let’s discover all the other tricks for ideal washing of sheets . Here are the details.

No more crumpled sheets with these tricks
To wash the sheets , therefore, a separate wash cycle must be carried out . It will then be important to insert a few elements inside the basket . An overloaded washing machine, in fact, tends to cause the various items inside it to get tangled. The sheets need space, so that they can lie down as best as possible. Furthermore, the detergent will not work well on all items if the load is excessive.

Washing of sheets
Furthermore, incorrect use of the spin cycle can lead to the risk that the washing machine may not wash the sheets as well as possible. When washing these elements, the advice we give is not to use the centrifuge, never exceeding 600 rpm. The centrifuge, in fact, tends to wring out the sheets too forcefully, running the risk of them becoming tangled.

Furthermore, an excessive quantity of detergent must not be inserted into the appropriate compartment of the tray . An excess of this element, in fact, tends to wrinkle the sheets, making them much less soft.

A final piece of advice, then, is to immediately remove the sheets from the washing machine after the wash cycle is finished . Finally, before hanging them out to dry, it will be advisable to shake them very forcefully, in order to remove the most stubborn creases.

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