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Cloths lying in the house that stink, the solution is very simple: few know

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Do clothes hanging at home stink? There is a remedy that very few people know that can be applied immediately: let the experts speak.

drying rack at home
Clothes hung out at home stink when strictly necessary, unfortunately this is a fact. This is caused by the humidity of wet clothes meeting that inside the home. Cleaning and DIY experts reveal a method to apply every time, with the use of this natural ingredient you can quickly avoid this smell both in the home and on the fabrics themselves. Shall we clarify?

What to do before hanging out the laundry?
Before understanding which ingredient to use to eliminate the smell of laundry hung out at home, there is a trick to put into practice even before hanging it out. When washing in the washing machine it is best to program the spin cycle at maximum speed. This is a method that allows you to eliminate all excess water by completely wringing the clothes. If the fabric stays damp but is not wet, the drying time required will be minimal.

Clothes hanging at home
If it is autumn or winter , the drying rack can be placed near the warm radiator or in any case near a heat source. Even better if in the kitchen, as it is the warmest room in the whole house. Avoid placing the drying rack in the bathroom, as it is a humid area which could increase odor and humidity.

Clothes hanging at home: the method to eliminate the smell
There is only one method for eliminating the smell from clothes hung out at home. The natural ingredient is available to everyone and is always present in Italian homes: it is rice.

A natural and excellent ingredient for the preparation of traditional dishes, rich in properties and able to marry perfectly with any type of seasoning. In this specific case, a single bowl full of rice must be placed under the drying rack with the damp clothes.

Anti-humid rice
This ingredient will be able to absorb all excessive moisture and counteract the formation of unpleasant odor. The cloths will dry in no time so you can wear them immediately or store them in the wardrobe. Another key ingredient is coarse table salt, used in the same way as for rice. This ingredient is also exploited for its properties which completely absorb humidity, leaving clothes clean and fragrant.

It is also good practice to use a dehumidifier, to be placed near the drying rack. This element absorbs all the moisture and helps dry the clothes quickly . In short, the secret is to dehumidify the room where the clothes are hanging, at the same time having a main ingredient available that can absorb the new one.

An advice? Spread indoors only in case of bad days, taking advantage of the strength and warmth of the sun every time the opportunity presents itself.

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