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Here’s how to remove that ugly and annoying limestone ring that forms in the toilet

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Has that annoying limescale ring formed in your toilet and you don’t know how to eliminate it? Here’s how you need to do it, all the useful solutions you can use.

Bottom of the toilet
Cleaning the toilet is never enough . In fact, even if you are very careful and take great care of cleaning, limescale stains will inevitably appear. Usually this forms due to the hardness of the water and therefore not only in the toilet but also in the other bathroom fixtures and taps in the house.

Limescale deposits therefore leave stains that are truly unsightly . These make the toilet look dirty even when it is actually clean. It is therefore necessary to eliminate these stains and specifically the limescale ring that forms on the bottom of the toilet.

Limescale ring and encrustations in the toilet
The limescale ring is nothing more than a stain found at the level of the water in the toilet . It has a yellowish color and removing it is not that complicated. In fact, by using natural products and without buying expensive products you can solve the problem quickly. Below, in the next paragraph, you will find all the details.

Limescale ring in the toilet: this is how you solve it
As we said, limescale leaves stains on bathroom fixtures and in particular on the toilet. Eliminating that annoying ring that forms on the bottom of the toilet is not impossible if you use these methods which, in addition to being very quick and economical, are also completely natural products.

These include baking soda , vinegar and citric acid . However, you can also create real bombs by combining different products together in order to create a very high descaling effect. These bombs are very effective when stains are very stubborn.

Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid
To create them, all you need is 200g of sodium bicarbonate and 50g of citric acid . To these two you will then need to add a natural dish detergent. Also get some ice molds and once the ingredients are all well mixed you can pour the mixture into the molds.

The procedure to be implemented
Let it rest for about 4 hours so that the mixture solidifies. Once the time has passed you can remove the cubes and store them in a jar. All you have to do is pour the cube into the toilet and let it act . You will immediately notice that the bomb will start to fizz.

Clean toilet without limescale ring
This is a great sign because it means the bomb is doing its job. Leave it completely and wait a few hours before scrubbing it all with a toilet brush .

At this point you can flush the toilet. Now the limescale ring will have completely disappeared and you will no longer have limescale problems.

In fact, it will be enough to throw away one of these bombs as soon as you see stains to always have a clean toilet without encrustations . You will prepare them only once and you will be covered for months and months. All you have to do is try this method and see with your own eyes the effectiveness of these natural products.

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