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The S-P-L method to make wooden doors look new: they will be very shiny

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It has never been easier to clean wooden doors. With this innovative method they will be very shiny in an instant and will look like new. Here’s what you need to do.

Cotton on the doors
Wooden doors are very often used to give warmth to the house . In fact, this material is among the most common but also among the most valuable. It should also be remembered, however, that it must be treated correctly so as not to damage it as it is a very delicate material. So be careful what you use on wooden doors.

Many common are halos but also streaks or other types of spots . Older doors more commonly have these signs which are clear signs that you have had those doors for a long time. So it is nothing more than an aging process that affects all doors and all objects made with this material.

Wood’s door
We can intervene by slowing down this process or stopping it and there is a way to do it. Today we will see how to do it following a method called SPL . This is a secret to treating doors and making them look like new again. Below, in the next paragraph, we will show you what you need to do to make them look like new again.

Wooden doors: the SPL remedy
As we have said, wooden doors undergo an aging process and can thus have marks, stains or stripes on them. You can easily eliminate them with the SPL method but remember to use the right products , as wood is a natural material and is very delicate.

This method consists of dusting, cleaning and polishing the wooden door . Through these three steps you will be able to obtain a truly surprising result. In fact, your doors will become beautiful and shiny and you will never stop using this method. But let’s see how to do it right away.

Clean wooden doors
First you need to dust the door. It is a very important step because it removes that layer of dust that sticks to the wood . This often causes it to become darker and duller. You can do this with a microfiber cloth using vertical movements. You can use it either dry or slightly damp to better capture dust.

The second step is to clean. You can do this with natural products and you can use for example Marseille soap, vinegar or potato . If you use Marseille soap, 30 g dissolved in 1 L of warm water will be enough. Then pass it over the door with a delicate sponge. Insist more on the points where the wood is dirtiest and stained.

Marseille soap
The last step is polishing . In this way you nourish the wood which will be shinier and fuller. You can also do it here with natural products and you can use milk or olive oil for example . In both cases, pass it with a cotton ball and making circular movements slowly. This way the wood will absorb the product inside.

Here you will have obtained a clean door again without any stains. You can carry out this cleaning about once a month to always have perfect doors. In fact, the more you do it, the fewer stains there will be to remove . However, before starting any treatment, remember to carry out a test on a hidden corner of the door to check that it is not damaged.

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