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Shower full of mold and stubborn dirt: just so it stays clean for 1 full month

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To eliminate mold that has formed in the shower, just use a very common product at home: all the dirt will disappear in a flash.

Hydrogen peroxide in the shower
The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the rooms in the house that should be cleaned more frequently. In fact, sanitary fixtures need complete and constant hygiene to avoid the accumulation of germs and bacteria that could put the health of those living inside the home at risk. In addition to the sink, toilet and bidet, the shower must also always be well cleaned , eliminating any trace of dirt and mould. However, even with the right attention, it is not uncommon for concentrations of limescale or areas of mold to form inside the shower. Very often it is also difficult to remove this dirt because it settles in corners and in the most difficult to reach areas.

Mold in the shower, with this remedy it will only be a memory
How to clean the shower thoroughly and bring it back to its lost splendor? There are various chemical products on the market that allow you to intervene on any type of dirt present in the shower and bring the situation back to normal.

Mold in the shower
However, the advice is to take advantage of much more natural remedies , without spending large amounts of money on these products. Just to give an example, hydrogen peroxide – almost always present in the home – is an exceptional element for erasing all stains in the shower and returning to using it without problems.

Hydrogen peroxide is very popular especially as an anti-limescale agent due to its whitening, stain-removing and disinfectant action. All you need is a classic sponge soaked in hydrogen peroxide.

By passing the sponge with hydrogen peroxide over the stains in the shower we will immediately notice the effectiveness of this solution. The element must act for about ten minutes before proceeding with a new pass and rinsing.

As those who have already had problems of this type know well, not only limescale forms inside the shower. A little humidity is enough for mold to proliferate , which however can also arise due to other factors. The advice is first of all to identify the cause, perhaps trying to reduce the humidity by opening the bathroom window very often and placing some anti-humidity containers.

Hydrogen peroxide is also ideal for cleaning shower tiles
If mold has now formed inside the shower, you can still intervene with hydrogen peroxide, soaking a wadding or cotton pad with this precious and effective substance. The disk should then be passed in the corners and tracks of the shower, i.e. the areas where mold tends to form more easily.

Clean the shower
After passing through the hydrogen peroxide, it is left to rest for about an hour. Once this time has passed, it is necessary to vigorously scrub the remnants of mold : this can be done with a simple toothbrush, also immersed in hydrogen peroxide.

Finally, hydrogen peroxide is also an exceptional element for making shower tiles look like new again , which get dirty easily due to products and are often affected by limescale and mould. Even in this case the procedure is the same.

Take a sponge, dip it in hydrogen peroxide and pass it over the tiles, being careful to rub with the non-abrasive part of the sponge. All that remains is to rinse and make a further pass with a clean cloth to make the tiles shine again.

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