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Discover the secret of mouthwash in the washing machine, I do it all the time: you dream of washing like this.

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Mouthwash is a very useful product, but not only for disinfecting the mouth and giving it an intense freshness. Yes, you may not know it, but you can use mouthwash in the washing machine to get an exceptional result on your clothes. Let’s find out the details.

Characteristics of mouthwash
Mouthwash has very important antiseptic properties. It is no coincidence that its use is not limited to oral use: for some time now, some people have been using mouthwash to rid sewers of mould and various debris. In fact, many people also pour mouthwash down the sink drain to eliminate unpleasant odours: just pour a little of the product directly into the sink and wait at least thirty minutes before using it.

Interestingly, some people also use mouthwash to disinfect and sanitise mobile phone or tablet screens, which are often a receptacle for bacteria. Of course, it should be poured in minimal amounts onto a soft cloth so as not to damage them.

Mouthwash in the washing machine: guaranteed cleanliness and perfume
But the most interesting alternative use of mouthwash is undoubtedly linked to the washing machine. Sometimes it is necessary to renew the garments to be washed and perhaps a washing machine that is too old cannot guarantee excellent results.

In other cases, however, it is necessary to combat the presence of mould (think of towels or bathrobes). Well, mouthwash in the washing machine can be useful in these cases. Its antiseptic and antibacterial action guarantees exceptional effects. It all depends on its composition, based on alcohol and xylitol.

Mouthwash in the washing machine for strong-smelling clothes
You have probably had to deal with clothes with a very strong odour. Mouthwash poured directly into the washing machine at the time of washing can counteract possible odours and freshen all the clothes.

It is a product that is not harmful to the skin and general health and does not ruin clothes. However, we recommend to always use it with a full load wash. Its action is particularly suitable as a substitute for bleach: in fact, it does not damage clothes and skin and, in certain situations, it is even more effective for deep cleaning.

How to use it? Simply pour a cup into the detergent basket or a glass onto the clothes before starting the wash. The choice between 30 or 60 degrees depends on the colour of the items placed in the drum. The end result will be absolutely spectacular: the clothes will look very clean and very fresh, try it!

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