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Put salt here and you will solve a serious problem in the house

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What happens if you pour salt on the bristles of the broom: it is the perfect solution for household cleaning. Why and how is it used?

Salt Ingredient Household cleaning
Salt on broom bristles is an old housekeeping remedy. Why take advantage of this ingredient? Salt is always a useful ingredient, not only in the kitchen, but also for cleaning the house. Thanks to its properties, it is able to eliminate germs and bacteria that hide in every corner of our house, and thus to sanitize a surface.

Thanks to this very simple trick, we are able to perfectly clean the floor tiles, but not only, also the shower tray, eliminating all limescale inlays and wet halos effectively. The surfaces will shine like mirrors again, regaining their lost lucidity. All this without the use of harsh chemicals. How do I proceed?

The trick for household chores, pour salt on the broom like this


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This trick goes back to the good old days. How to act? To put it into practice, we need salt and vinegar. To get a great cleaning of the surfaces, we need to prepare a solution consisting of salt, vinegar and, of course, water. Mix all the ingredients and pour the solution into a clean bucket.

At this point, we need to soak the broom, leaving it in the solution for a few minutes. After the time has elapsed, the bristles will have soaked well. Remove the broom from the water and run it over the surfaces. Dirt will be removed from the first pass.

After that, once we have passed the broom on the ground, we can mop and rinse as usual. The result will be amazing. But the solution we created is also useful for removing inlays from the shower tray. Simply spread it on the surface and wipe it with a cloth.

Finally, it rinses. The degreasing action of salt and vinegar is incredible. This is the best solution to get rid of all the dirt in the blink of an eye. This solution, being entirely natural, can also be applied to furniture. We will eliminate all germs and bacteria in a short time.

In short, every corner of the house, in this way, will be perfectly clean and sanitized. The method of salt and vinegar is also valid for cleaning inlays of sinks, stoves, polishing pans and ovens, microwaves and utensils. A versatile solution that we can always have at hand, for excellent results!

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