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Bathroom tiles will always be clean and shiny thanks to this method

What is the excellent economic and eco-friendly tip to clean the bathroom tile effortlessly, against limescale, dust and moisture.

Tile cleaning in progress
Bathroom tiles are quickly exposed to temperature changes due to the use we make of the shower, bathtub and more. And that generates vapours that settle on those surfaces. And then there’s the persistent presence of dust and limestone. Not to mention the possibility of moisture and mold formation.

Bathroom tiles should be kept clean to avoid fouling and other complications. You should also pay attention to joints, which are sometimes more complicated to treat. The advice is always to avoid chemicals that can be easily found at the supermarket and others.

It is better to rely on more environmentally friendly ingredients, which will then be easier to spill without causing damage to the environment. A solution that can be more convenient for us because generally these ingredients also cost less. Let’s see what we will need.

Bathroom tiles, how to clean them quickly without traces


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Baking soda is always our best friend in this regard. It will be ideal for cleaning the grouts. It is enough to sprinkle it on a toothbrush, also giving a passage of hydrogen peroxide and rub, and then leave to act. After about fifteen minutes, rinse a little with water.

For tiles, we can use the same method, but using a smooth sponge, capable of not leaving scratches. Or we can resort to a mixture of two liters of water, a tablespoon of liquid Marseille soap and half a cup of baking soda. In addition to this, we can also pour another half cup of white vinegar and perhaps even twenty drops of essential oil of our choice to flavor the environment.

This solution is whitening and is also excellent for removing limescale deposits. To avoid the formation of mold, on the other hand, we must always keep the doors of bathroom appliances open immediately after use. The same must be done with the shower, the panels of which must be left open.

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