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Whitening toilet seats: the foolproof ingredient

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If you often find yourself with a stained or yellowed toilet seat, don’t use bleach next time, as you can whiten it with this foolproof ingredient.

Cleaning toilet seats

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Toilet seats are usually bought in white to match the sanitaryware and, more importantly, the toilet itself. But white is also the colour that best represents hygiene and cleanliness.

And that’s why seeing the toilet seat stained or yellowed simply doesn’t go down well, otherwise goodbye to what it should represent and the function it’s called upon to fulfil.

And if every time you’ve had to deal with this problem you’ve used bleach, you may never have known that until now you’ve been making a big mistake, because instead of remedying the problem, you’ve been helping to make it worse. So here’s the ingredient you need to whiten the toilet seat in the best possible way.

How do you bleach a junky toilet seat?

Non è solo il tempo e l’usura a far ingiallire le cose, ma possono essere anche dei prodotti che noi consideriamo infallibili ma che in realtà non sempre sono utili, anzi. Sto parlando della candeggina e di detergenti aggressivi, che se utilizzati per sbiancare il copriwater possono portare alla comparsa di macchie indesiderate.

They are certainly disinfectant and antibacterial, but while they effectively meet these criteria, they are not as capable of leaving the toilet seat in its original white colour. But now that you’ve learned that’s not how you should whiten your toilet seat, you can use this ingredient without fear because it’s 100% natural. In fact, there’s more than one that can solve the problem. Let’s take a look at them together.

The first of the natural products you can use is hydrogen peroxide. We recently looked at how to use it in the washing machine, but its properties can be useful here too. All you have to do is use the 130-volume solution (first, protect yourself by wearing gloves, a mask and goggles), then pour it directly onto the toilet seat. Then rub gently with a sponge and leave for about 10 minutes. Once the necessary time has elapsed, you can rinse with water and dry with a microfibre cloth.

Alternatively, create a mixture of salt, lemon and vinegar. This is also a really effective and completely natural remedy, capable of making the toilet seat as good as new thanks to the combined action of these three ingredients. Pour 200 ml of lemon juice and white vinegar into a saucepan. Bring to the boil, then turn off the heat. Finally, add the salt to the pan and leave to cool. Soak an abrasive sponge in the mixture and wipe it over the toilet seat. Ideally, the mixture should stand for 4o minutes before scrubbing with the sponge and rinsing.

Finally, we couldn’t close the list of natural ingredients useful as a natural remedy without mentioning bicarbonate of soda, which you’re bound to have at home. Baking soda is in fact a must among natural ingredients useful for removing stains and sanitising, so it couldn’t be missed. Make a paste from water and bicarbonate of soda, then mix it before spreading it on the toilet seat. Leave the paste to rest for about 20 minutes before removing and rinsing.

Now that you know how to shine your toilet seat with natural remedies and without using bleach by mistake, I’m sure it won’t cross your mind to change your white toilet seat again!

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