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No more stink of mold in the house: just a handful will solve the problem

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How to permanently eliminate the smell of mold in your home? With this remedy, very little is needed and you’re done.

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The smell of mold that invades all rooms of the house is impossible to manage. In most cases, various types of products are used which can pollute the environment and cause a lot of money to be spent. Not only that, there are also actions that influence the formation of mold, such as a humid environment that is not adequately ventilated and incorrect habits carried out on a daily basis. For this reason, industry experts wanted to reveal a little secret, putting the emphasis on a protagonist ingredient.

How to avoid mold formation?
Before seeing how you can permanently eliminate the smell of mold in your home, cleaning experts recommend carrying out certain actions to avoid the formation of mold and consequently the bad smell.

All this is important not only to eliminate bad odors , but also to preserve the health of people and the home in general. What to do to avoid mold formation in the home?

Air the rooms every day , several times a day. Windows should be left open for an hour every day, thus allowing air exchange;
Never leave wet clothes to dry in already humid environments, such as the bathroom for example, placing them in the wardrobe only when dry;
Smells like mold in the house
Always check the environments to avoid major water leaks, to the point of forming puddles of stagnant water and related mould;
Use a dehumidifier where necessary, so as to absorb humidity professionally, thus avoiding the formation and proliferation of spores.
Smells of mold in the house: the natural ingredient to use
As anticipated, the causes of the formation of this odor and this problem related to mold are many. Often linked to some incorrect daily actions. To eliminate the smell of mold from rooms and absorb humidity, wellness experts point to a natural ingredient always present in all homes: sea salt.

A natural ingredient that should not only be considered as a flavor enhancer, but also as an ally against humidity and bad odors. All you need is a handful in a bowl to place in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen so that it can absorb any moisture present.

Sea salt for mold
The bowl with sea salt must be changed every 5 days, so as to renew its natural potential. If you also want your rooms to smell nice, add two or three drops of lemon essential oil.

For those who need to combine a good aroma with an ingredient that absorbs all odors, cinnamon is just the thing. Few people know that this spice has antimicrobial and disinfectant properties. How to do? Place the cinnamon in fabric bags, placing them throughout the house. In an instant, mold and bad smell will be just a memory.

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