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A bowl with this ingredient will free the dishwasher from dirt and limestone

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Residues of dirt and limescale easily accumulate in the dishwasher. Let’s discover the best solutions for optimal cleaning of this appliance. Here are all the details on the matter.

Bowl in the dishwasher
Among the many household chores that have to be done every day there is certainly that relating to washing the dishes . Some people still manually clean plates, glasses, pots and pans, equipping themselves with a sponge, dish detergent and a lot of patience.

Others, however, have a specific appliance in their kitchen for optimal washing of all dishes. We are referring to the dishwasher . By inserting a special detergent inside it – liquid, powder or tablet – it will be possible to effectively and safely wash all the dishes inserted in the various compartments of this appliance.

A very practical solution, which allows the user to save a lot of time and effort immediately after completing their lunch or dinner.

To minimize water and electricity consumption, it is advisable to wash only when the internal load is large enough. Furthermore, there are some ecological programs capable of consuming and polluting less.

In this article, however, we do not want to review the best methods for using the dishwasher. Instead, we want to inform the reader about some specific techniques for carrying out a perfect internal wash of this appliance . It will be essential to equip yourself with a bowl and place it inside the dishwasher. What other ingredients will be needed? Here are all the details about it.

Cleaning the dishwasher: with a bowl and these ingredients you solve all problems
As with all objects and products, the dishwasher is also subject – with the passage of time and use – to various accumulations of dirt and limescale inside it. If constant internal cleaning is not carried out, the appliance will see various bacteria and other unwelcome microorganisms “born” along the walls and in the drains.

Our goal is to let you know some important tricks for having a dishwasher that is always clean and without annoying and dangerous accumulations of dirt, limescale and bacteria inside. An object that you will need to carry out the cleaning operations is a simple bowl . Inside, in fact, you will be able to insert some natural ingredients that are really useful for this purpose.

The first natural ingredient that you can use is, without a doubt, sodium bicarbonate . We know well how this ingredient is a natural degreaser and has a truly surprising and enviable versatility of use. All you will need is to add a few teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda into the “famous” bowl , placed inside the empty dishwasher.

At this point, simply run the dishwasher’s empty wash cycle at very high temperatures . The baking soda will dissolve limescale and eliminate dirt, while also absorbing any bad odors.

We now indicate the additional natural ingredients that you can use to guarantee brilliance and long life for your dishwasher. Here are all the other simple and practical methods that we will let you discover.

The natural ingredients necessary for optimal cleaning of the dishwasher to free it from dirt
Even for the next methods it will be essential to insert some natural products inside the bowl to be placed in the dishwasher. Lemon juice or citric acid are elements capable of peeling surfaces better and eliminating any unwanted accumulations of limescale.

Cleaning the dishwasher
Our advice is to pour approximately 150 milliliters of lemon juice into 1 liter of water . The mixture will be placed in the bowl inside the empty dishwasher. Also in this case, you will then have to activate the vacuum washing at high temperatures of the appliance. At the end of the operation, you can dry the various internal walls with a microfibre cloth.

White vinegar also has degreasing characteristics, capable of combating bad odors and limescale in the appliance. As with the other methods, in this case too you will only have to pour a little white vinegar into the bowl and run the vacuum cleaning cycle. For an even deeper cleaning, it may be useful to mix both white vinegar and baking soda inside the bowl.

Then, a few times a year, it will be very important to dismantle the drain filter , since all the most stubborn dirt accumulates in this point. You can simply wash it with boiling water and soap. Finally, you will have to do the same thing with regards to the various baskets.

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