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Unveiled the plumbers’ remedy to unclog the clogged sink in 3 seconds

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A remedy widely used by plumbers allows you to unclog the sink in an instant: just follow these instructions.

Faucet in the sink
The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the rooms in the house where you need to pay more attention in terms of cleanliness. In addition to floors and shelves, in fact, it is necessary to always maintain a certain level of hygiene inside the various appliances, including the refrigerator and the oven, where dirt and encrustations can easily proliferate. Furthermore, in the kitchen the sink must always function correctly and to achieve this result you need to be very careful not to clog the drain. However, a blocked drain is a problem that can still occur due to the accumulation of food residue.

With this remedy you can unclog the sink in a few minutes
A critical issue that arises not only in the kitchen, given that drains can also become blocked in the bathroom (particularly the toilet), creating a big problem for those who live in the house. Fortunately, there are quick and easy remedies that allow you to restore the correct functioning of the drain and return to using the sink without problems.

Unclog the sink
There are many chemical products on the market that can resolve blockages, but the advice is to focus on other much more natural and even cheaper remedies.

To eliminate the blockage that blocks the drain, you can use citric acid , a product often used as a biological solution. To ensure that the citric acid can really ‘unclog’ the blocked sink drain, it is a good idea to mix it with bicarbonate of soda. You must therefore pour a liter of water (possibly not too hot) with 150 grams of citric acid into a container .

Once this step has been completed, 250 grams of bicarbonate can be poured into the drain , waiting a few minutes to allow the substance to descend properly into the pipe and act properly. After this time, the solution with water and citric acid is poured into the drain, thus triggering a reaction. The filling will disappear in a flash.

Vinegar is also an element that ensures an excellent degreasing action , therefore we can use it without problems to unclog the clogged drain. Also in this case the ideal is a mix with bicarbonate. The procedure is the same as previously illustrated with citric acid.

Vinegar and salt are ideal for this task
The sink drain can also be cleared with coarse salt, which must be dissolved well in a container where a liter of water has been brought to the boil.

After pouring 500 ml of hot vinegar into the clogged drain (it must be heated in a separate container), you can proceed with the application of the solution characterized by water and coarse salt. After a few minutes, rinse and the sink will work like new again.

Salt can also have an even more effective action if mixed with sodium bicarbonate. After having created a nice mix between these two components, pour everything into the clogged drain .

Separately, boil a liter of water and when it reaches boiling point you can pour it directly into the pipe, obviously taking care not to hurt yourself. Within a few moments the drain should clear, so that you can use the sink again.

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