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With the old batting makeup will perfume all your clothes in the dryer

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Are clothes in the dryer never scented? With the wadding trick in just a few seconds they will have a delicious, long-lasting aroma.

Wadding in the dryer
When clothes in the dryer don’t smell, it means something has gone wrong. It could be a weak spin cycle or an incorrect wash . Then there are other factors, which also concern the cleaning of the appliance both internally and with regards to the filters. In short, a series of events and causes that give clothes an odor that is impossible to manage. Some cleaning experts reveal a very easy method: that of wadding.

Scented dryer cloths: the wadding method
When clothes in the dryer have finished their drying cycle, they are never scented. With this method revealed by some experts in the sector, you will be able to have clean, dry clothes with an inebriating aroma that lasts over time.

How you do it? You choose an essential oil of your favorite fragrance, taking into account that the same aroma will then be felt on the clothing.

Cloths in the dryer
Then you take a simple piece of medium-sized cotton wool – the oval-shaped one to remove make-up – and pour 5 drops of essential oil. The wadding should not be placed directly in the basket, but inside a cloth bag. The primary goal is that it doesn’t fall apart inside the basket, leaving pieces lying around. With this method the clothes will be very fragrant for a long time.

Alternatives and expert advice
There are also alternatives to consider, to be applied taking into account the advice of valid cleaning experts:

A small piece of fabric as an alternative to wadding, always with five drops of essential oil which will inebriate all the fabrics inside the dryer. In this case it can be placed directly together with the clothes, being made of fabric. An advice? Better if it is white, so that it does not lose color;
The wool balls , which absorb excess water, expand their scent thanks to the chosen essential oil. For the ball it is necessary to prepare a solution of 300ml of water with 4 drops of essential oil. Spray directly on the wool ball and then put it in the dryer together with the clothes;
Scented cloth wadding method
Instead of the wool ball , you can use a sheet which is always used with a few drops of the chosen essential oil;
The strength of a small towel , as if it were a small piece of fabric, should also not be underestimated . It is used in the same way with the great advantage that it is also able to absorb all excess water.
There are many methods for perfuming clothes in the dryer , always remembering to use a good spin method and to remove the clothes from the washing machine immediately as soon as the cycle is finished. Ditto for the dryer, avoiding leaving clothes inside for a long time.

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