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Very white cloths with just one tablespoon of this ingredient in the washing machine

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Having very white clothes is possible, with a spoonful of this fantastic natural ingredient to put in the washing machine.

White cloths with spoon
Impossible to find the white of the garments , as they were when they were just bought? Not really, in fact you just need to follow the advice of cleaning experts to find pure white again . The key ingredient is completely natural and helps to obtain very white clothes: just one spoonful is enough to add when washing in the washing machine. Shall we clarify?

Very white cloths with this ingredient: directly into the washing machine
When it comes to being able to have very white clothes again as in the past, we use products rich in preservatives and chemical elements that damage the environment. It is good to consider a natural, non-polluting and completely whitening ingredient. It is also delicate on fabrics and can also be used for machine washes. Citric acid is definitely the number one method recommended by industry experts.

It is extracted from citrus fruits in a natural way and is the solution to keep at home, always, specifically for sanitizing – whitening and cleaning. It is not difficult to use, because in this case you only need one spoonful to put in the washing machine drum together with the clothes and then start the wash.

Citric acid for white cloths
To obtain a DIY fabric softener, simply dissolve 150 grams of citric acid with 10 drops of essential oil in a liter of water. Pour into a bottle and then use it every time and with every wash.

Other methods to have white clothes again
There are also other methods to consider to have whiter and cleaner clothes. Between these:

Sodium bicarbonate , the classic grandmother’s remedy that is used for all types of home remedies. Its properties are many and in this case its whitening action can be used. It is used with two spoons of product to be poured directly into the drum, before starting the wash: the clothes will be very white again;
Marseille soap , the only one naturally scented like no other. To have very white clothes, simply moisten the areas affected by yellow stains – or other stains. Then put a spoonful of flakes directly into the washing machine drum and then start the wash cycle;
Yellow soap , also excellent for whitening clothes with just one spoonful of product. What you need is a medium ball that is thrown into the basket together with the rest of the clothes to be washed;
Method for very white cloths
Hydrogen peroxide , against mold and limescale that are usually found in humid environments. In this case it is used to eliminate stains by replacing bleach. All you need is a spoonful of product, always inside the basket before starting the wash cycle;
Lemon , excellent whitener with just one juice to be poured directly into the detergent drawer. For a powerful and natural whitening action, pour two large spoons.

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